New to the HB MTB Club in 2021, was an initiative to grow opportunities for our local U19 mountain bikers. 

The objective of the programme was to create events that enabled youth to come together on their bikes, have fun challenging themselves, whilst building their skills and like-minded friendships… and in some cases, the foundations to pursue mountain biking as a chosen sport, be it participating locally and/or internationally. 

We have hosted a blend of group rides at our local tracks (catering to all different levels and abilities), day trips to some amazing North Island Mountain bike parks (including Rotorua shuttle days and uplifts at Dirt Farm), and recently the introduction of some local competitions, including Downhill and Enduro events, which has created a real momentum. 

Moving ahead, it is our goal to continue to give the HBMTBC youth more events to get stuck into - with ideas including coaching sessions and social events that are mountain bike related - so reach out and let us know your interests. 

Follow along on HBMTB youth events on Facebook and/or Instagram, to find out the details!! 

And like always, organising an event requires some dedicated volunteers - so if you are interested in helping out (small or large), please reach out and introduce yourself.