Unfortunately, in 2016 we lost 35km of MTB trails to logging in the TAIT Block, and another approx 45km in 2018 with the WAIPUNGA Block closing for logging (a combined total 680ha), which we had voluntary built up by hand over the last 25 years.

Fortunately, in 2012, Pan Pac generously allowed us access into the neighbouring 300ha MILL Block. With approx 35km of trails completed in this block, thanks to a small group of dedicated club volunteers, plus some professional / specialist contractor work.

Unfortunately, our time in the MILL Block is limited, hence the redevelopment of the Tait and Waipunga Blocks need to take place as soon as we have access to them again after harvesting.

The Trailblazers Team of volunteers is run by the clubs Parks Manager, Ross Mepham, building trails most weekends (except over summer), with a specialist digging tool in their hands. They have a well structured plan, and in-depth knowledge of how to build quality, sustainable and fun trails of all difficulty levels.


Professionally built trails can cost around $28 per metre + gst, depending on the type and finish of trail!!!

Building by hand is inexpensive, however VERY slow (about 3 metres per hour – watch how they do it below). Building tracks with the help of machinery is effective and time efficient – but VERY expensive.

We are seeking financial or volunteer support to help ensure the best results, and a great forest to ride in, for everyone.