Panpac Mountain Bike Park Information

  • Access is from the Esk valley – turn off SH5 into Waipunga road, cross the bridge and take the first forest road on your right (Burden Road). Follow this until you reach the carpark.
  • The access road is very narrow and passing oncoming traffic is difficult. Please drive carefully and considerately: look out for oncoming traffic, use the passing bays, give way, pull over, back up if needed. Speed limit is 20kmh all the way
  • There is no water in the park – bring your own water and food
  • A toilet is available at the carpark – please treat it with respect. If it gets abused, it will be removed
  • Mobile phone coverage: There is mobile coverage in the Esk valley river facing hills, but no coverage over the back in the replanted block valley, don’t ride alone over there.
  • All trail entrances and exits have GPS locations on them, if someone is hurt call 111, ask for a helicopter and give the location on the sign, do not call an ambulance as they can’t get in the park or get to any trail heads
  • Be wary of oncoming riders  on two-way trails:  Ride accordingly.
  • Horseshoe has five gap jumps at the start as a trail filter. This is sign posted. If you can’t do these don’t proceed, this is a steep technical G5 trail that is skinny and has lots of exposure.
  • Be wary on windy days, Enterprise to Time Warp has extreme exposure in a gale going through the saddle, Horseshoes table tops should not be done at speed on Gale days
  • Please respect any park closures. 

Panpac Mountain Bike Park Rules

  • You MUST be a member to enter the park. No membership, no ride.
    • Join up on our website
  • 20km/hr speed limit on the access road
  • Drive considerately on the access road
  • Strictly no BBQs or fires
  • Take your rubbish home with you
  • No freedom camping
  • No rogue trail building – all trails MUST be planned by the club, get signoff from an archaeologist, and be built by approved trail builders who have completed Panpac Beakon Health and safety training.
  • You MUST remain within the designated mountain biking areas (signs show the boundary areas, as marked on the map
  • You must KEEP OUT of the Pan Pac Mill & sections of the forest that are CLOSED to mountain bikers at all times, even in emergency situations.
  • You must adhere to all/any warning/hazard signage/tape within forest boundaries at all times for your own safety
  • All signage is deemed to be read & understood once seen / ridden past.
  • NO Helmet = NO Ride 
  • Every member must wear an approved hard shell safety helmet and enclosed footwear while riding
  • All members must carry their current membership (or valid Visitor Permits) when riding in our privately-owned off-road venue. This can either be the Sporty PhotoCard on your phone or a copy of page 1 of this email. We do spot check for valid membership.
  • You MUST keep clear of any logging operations, or operating machinery that may be in place 
  • Treat all tracks as 2-way unless marked as one-way, these have signs stating EXIT only
  • Please KEEP OFF freshly built trails, until they have firmed up & been opened for riding !!!
  • Bicycles must be in good working order with functional front and rear brakes. Handlebar ends must be plugged and have no sharp edges.
  • ALL users of the MTB Park should be courteous to one another at all times.
  • MTB riders should be aware that runners and/or stock may be on the MTB trails and be prepared to avoid them.
  • Riders must not use abusive or offensive language at events, act in an anti-sporting manner, be disrespectful to other club members or ignore club rules.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the forests, or at events AT ALL TIMES.
  • Please close/shut all gates that you open & leave gates as you found them.
  • No unauthorized vehicles, including motorbikes, are allowed within the forest
  • The Club reserves the right to exclude any person who breaches any of the rules as outlined above or commits any act which would or may endanger any other user of the park or user of trails operated by the Club.
  • Children under 11 years must bike with an adult.  Parents are responsible for their children’s safety.  It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child has developed sufficient skills and knowledge if venturing into the park unsupervised.
  • Riders 11 to 13 years must be accompanied by another rider 11 years of age or older. Such riders must know what to do in the event of an emergency, have access to a mobile phone and a check-in system with parents.  The observance of this rule is the parents’ responsibility who are accountable to HBMTB for any breach of it.
  • Runners:
    • Runners must be current members of the MTB club or obtain an MTB Visitors Permit.
    • Runners are encouraged to use the forestry tracks and two-way mountain bike trails.
    • If runners use a one-way trail, they must run in the direction of the trail
    • Runners must give way to ALL bikers.
    • Runners must not run with headphones on or music playing.
  • Disciplinary Procedure & Policy

    At ALL times, club members (including those using a visitors permit) are required to comply with the Club’s rules, goals, constitution, club or landowner instructions, procedures and policies. If any member is deemed to have breached any of the above rules, the following disciplinary procedure is to be followed by the Club Committee:

  • Details of any alleged breach/incident to be investigated by the Disciplinary Committee, including discussion with the offending club member(s) to obtain all information, to be outlined in writing.
  • Club Committee to discuss the alleged breach at the following monthly committee meeting, or at a special committee meeting.
  • Depending on the severity of the breach/incident and the decision by the committee, one or more of the following steps will be taken (in order):
    1. A written warning to the offending club member(s);
    2. Membership suspension for a set period, determined by the committee;
    3. Trespass notice issued by landowner, which bans all access into all commercial forests across the entire North Island for 2 years, with a copy supplied to and enforced by the New Zealand Police.
  • Any breach or incident that either jeopardises the HBMTB Club’s access to the forest, has endangered the safety of other forest users, or is in breach of the landowner’s rules, shall be considered to be a serious breach of misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly.

Park Update

There is 40km + of single-track to use as of April 2024, plus connecting forest roads

Access Road

Access is via Waipunga road (turn off SH5, cross the bridge, and take the first forest road on your right. Fopllow this for 1.5km to the carpark.

The road is narrow- observe the 20kmh speed limit.

Use the pasing bays as needed  -you may need to back up to allow oncoming traffic through.


Stratco sponsored a shelter  and we  have installed picnic tables to create a bit of a social hub, next to the Map Board

Map Board

New signage and mapboards are installed, including a sign at the entrance that its permit only entry, you obtain your permit by joining the club

Open tracks Waipunga Block:

Easy Tracks:

Blackberry – Bolt - Maguire – Mervs - Piglet - Sugar – T-Bar - Twoman

Beam Me up- Enterprise- Warpspeed (climbing tracks from the carpark to the very top)

Intermediate Tracks:

Barley - Boulder - Dual Slalom - Esk Downhill – Klingon top section- Klingon mid section – Spud - Eskview– Klingon top section (mid section under construction) – Karearea - Dual Slalom

Advanced Track

School Roller - Horseshoe - Rimrock top section, Rimrock lower section

Open tracks Replanted Block:

Reminder is you’re cycling over this side to obey the orange signs saying not to pass that point. And make sure you head back in time for the lock-in exit time.

Easy/Intermediate Tracks:

Porridge (two way - Easy down, Intermediate up) – Nuclear blast (two way Intermediate) - Rollie intermediate - Powerline 

Advanced Tracks:

Cannonball Lecter – Minefield – Sweeper

Reminder: If you’re cycling over this side obey the orange signs saying not to pass that point. And make sure you head back in time for the lock-in exit time.

Open tracks Tait Block:

Wahoo - Jarden Mile

Obey the orange signs at the perimiter of the  MTB park

Works in progress:

Chairlift - Easy (climbing track)  Southstar building this April 2024
Voltage –  this grade 5 hand build - marked out, not yet started