But please note, there are some STRICT restrictions within the Replanted Block for the next 2-3 years, while the Waipunga Block is harvested, due to logging trucks access – which are:

  • Mill Valley Road, from the start of Minefield all the way down is OUT-OF-BOUNDS.
  • Sweeper is CLOSED.
  • Pylon Road is CLOSED.
    This effectively makes all the available trails (Skyline, Cannonbal, Minefield, Rollie + Blowhole) ONE-WAY.

If you want to ride both Cannonbal & Minefeild, you either do the full circuit (via Blowhole & Skyline) twice, or you can exit Cannonbal at the power pylon and ride back up the old 4×4 track (which has been brushcut + sprayed), which brings you back up onto Mill Valley Rd, not far from the start of Cannonbal.

On Monday, Baywide Dingos will repair and make a new link on Skyline from the skid site up the hill to the old track. (there are currently some directional markers to show the way up).
Also over the next few weeks, fencing contractors will be rebuilding the boundary fence next to Skyline – ALL RIDERS must give them plenty of space and not get close to them.

All these available trails (that have been closed for the last 9 months) have been blown and sprayed, so are all in mint condition.