You can join the HBMTBC online via a secure server. Fees in NZ $$ and incl GST

or Visa only

Club Membership

July 2021 – June 2022

Your Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club membership is also your permit for access into a privately owned forest in the Hawkes Bay, within the greater Pan Pac Tangoio Forest (Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park).

Membership will provide you with 24/7 access into the park for up to 12 months (depending on when you join, with the membership year July 1 – June 30).

Other benefits of joining the club include:

  • 10% discount from selected local bike shops (bikes/accessories only off RRP)
  • Updates on all regional and national events and other MTB news
  • Monthly e-Newsletters
  • Colour trail maps
  • Access to nearly 50km of quality purpose-built MTB trails, within 530ha (Mill+Replanted Blks only)
  • Plus other great benefits

July 2021 – June 2022 membership year (PURPLE colour ID Tag) :
NB: All memberships expire on 30 June each year

  • $40    –  Junior (U/19)
  • $65    –  Adult
  • $85    –  Family of 2 or 3
  • $95    –  Family of 4, 5 or 6

NB: During the final 4 months of the membership year (1st March, 2021 – mid-June, 2021), there is a discount off the above fees for the current membership, of:

  • $20 off for Junior/Adult memberships
  • $30 off for Family/Group memberships

A “Group” membership, is for school or club type groups of up to 15 people per group, where we issue 1x ID tag & map. When riding or running in the forest, all of the group must remain together at ALL times, with the leader carrying the ID tag.

If you have a group to sign up, please contact the membership team for further detail.

To join up with one of NZ’s largest mountain bike clubs, you can either:

  • Print off a form (click on grey button below) and post in with the fee, or
  • Join OnlineVisa or MasterCard only (via the link above)

NB: ALL Memberships expire on 30th June, regardless of when you joined up

2020-2021 membership ID tags look like this:

July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021: only these TEAL colour ID tags will be ‘legal’ for access into Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park. These must be attached to each members bike, or person/bag/helmet/shoe & be carried with you within the forest at all times.

(visitors are to purchase a 3-week MTB visitors permit)

Monthly e-NEWS:
Mountain bike news with local and national content are emailed to HBMTBC members monthly and occasionally to other local and national contacts. If you are not a club member, but wish to receive the e-News, then please just let us know at this link below with your First & Last NAME & email address, and we will happily add you onto the database for FREE. (NB: This does NOT grant you access into Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park)

*Subscribe to e-News for FREE here*

For non-club members / visitors, who wish to ride at Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park, must obtain a MTB Visitors Permit, which is valid for three weeks from the date of purchase. These cost $10 per person (incl a trail map) available from any of the following outlets:

NB: For family groups ONLY, Visitor Permit’s are FREE for 12 yrs and under (ie: no paper permit required) ONLY providing that they are accompanied by an adult who has current permit.

This permit is also available to purchase here online, via a secure server (Visa or Mastercard ONLY)

Download the Club Constitution (pdf) – HBMTBC Constitution 2019

2020 AGM – Held at East Pier in Ahuriri, Napier, on Monday 6th July, 2020

General Rules of the Forest & the HBMTBC Inc.
General Rules:

  1. You must always wear an approved hard-shell safety helmet that is correctly fitted and enclosed footwear while riding. (Gloves & glasses are optional and highly recommended).
  2. Bicycles must be in good working order with functional front and rear brakes, handle bar ends must be plugged and have no sharp edges.
  3. All members must display their current ID Tags (or valid Visitor Permits) when riding in our privately-owned off-road venue. NB: Membership with the Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club is also your permit.
  4. Riders must not use abusive or use offensive language, act in an anti -sporting manner, be disrespectful to other club members or ignore club rules.
  5. Smoking, and Dogs are strictly NOT permitted within the forest at ALL times.
  6. You must close (securely latch) all gates that you open, & leave all gates as you find them.
  7. Treat all tracks as 2-way, except for the select few that are labelled one-way only. Always be prepared for a rider/cattle beast/forestry worker coming the other way.
  8. Read, understand and follow all warning signs & any taped off areas, they are there for a reason.
  9. All Logging areas & any operational sites are totally out-of-bounds until the site is replanted, or the warning tape & signs are removed by the contractors, and notification of such is made by the landowner.
  10. The Pan Pac Mill and bark dump site are strictly out-of-bounds at ALL times.
  11. You must take all your own rubbish with you and leave only tyre marks.
  12. Runners
    1. Runners must be current members of the MTB club, or obtain a MTB Visitors Permit.
    2. Runners are encouraged to use the forestry tracks and two-way mountain bike trails.
    3. If runners use a one-way trail, they must run in the direction the trail is used by bikers ie: run down a downhill trail.
    4. Runners must give way to ALL bikers.
    5. Runners must not run with headphones on or music playing.
    6. ALL users of the MTB Park should be courteous to one another at all times.
    7. MTB riders should be aware that runners may be on the MTB trails and be prepared to avoid them.
  13. All signage is deemed to be read & understood once seen / ridden past.
  14. The Club reserves the right to exclude any person who breaches any of the rules as outlined above or commits any act which would or may endanger any other user of the park or user of trails operated by the Club.

Disciplinary Procedure & Policy

At ALL times, club members are required to comply with the Club’s rules, goals, constitution, club or landowner instructions, procedures and policies.
If any member is deemed to have breached any of the above rules (1 – 13), the following disciplinary procedure is to be followed by the Club Committee:

  1. Details of any alleged breach/incident to be investigated by a Committee Member (nominally the Chairperson), including discussion with the offending club member(s) to obtain all information, to be outlined in writing.
  2. Club Committee to discuss the alleged breach at the following monthly committee meeting, or at a special committee meeting.
  3. Depending on the severity of the breach/incident and the decision by the committee, one or more of the following steps will be taken (in order):
    1. A written warning to the offending club member(s);
    2. Membership suspension for a set period, determined by the committee;
    3. Trespass notice issued by landowner, which bans all access into all commercial forests across the entire North Island for 2 years, with a copy supplied to and enforced by the New Zealand Police.

Any breach or incident that either jeopardises the HBMTB Club’s access to the forest, has endangered the safety of other forest users, or is in breach of the landowner’s rules, shall be considered to be a serious breach of misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly.

*  Download HBMTBC Rules + Discipline Policy

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