Process of what to do when an accident happens within PAN PAC MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK, requiring either self-evacuation, an ambulance or Rescue Chopper.

In an Emergency – If you have an accident that requires an ambulance, then please follow the following procedure:

  • Ring 111 – ask for Hawkes Bay Ambulance (NB: You might have to move to higher ground to get reception).
  • Depending on the injury, if the rider can get themselves out to the carpark to meet the ambo there is an advantage, otherwise –
  • Give Rescue ID # on nearest track sign to where the injured rider is located (call centre to pass this onto ambo driver/rescue chopper) – see map below for location of all ID labels quick reference.
  • Ambulance call centre will decide on if to send an ambulance or chopper, depending on the injury.
  • Wait for their arrival at that location.
  • NB: Riders don’t need to worry about contacting PanPac to arrange getting the ambo into the Mill Block – as they ‘should’ already have a Park map marked with the rescue ID labels and an access route into this area. The ambulance will obtain a key from Pan Pac Security.
  • PS: The Rescue ID # on each track sign (and map below), references a pre-loaded GPS location.
  • Pan Pac Security can be reached on 027 530 4611

RESCUE LABELS: You will find a rescue ID label on all track signs and map boards, each with a unique ID# and a GPS point. These ID# are marked on a trail map that should be in every Ambulance in the district & the rescue chopper – meaning you only need to give the ID# to locate where an injured rider is. Note – mobile reception is a bit non-existent in the lower /valley areas of the forest.