*New* HBMTBC Cycle Clothing

We have teamed up with Ultimo (kiwi made, based in Wellington), for a new line of HBMTBC cyclewear tops and shorts that can be worn by anyone on the trails, on the road, or commuting to or from work/school.

The design was done by our resident Graphic Designer @ Coast&Co, incorporating a snapshot of the Mill Block trail map, using the blue colour of our upcoming 2018-19 ID tags.

The available items include:

  • a cycle top (roadies & XC racers typically wear) – pictured below;
  • a trail top in long, ¾ or short sleeve options (loose fitting, common in enduro, DH + general trail riding);
  • lycra cycle shorts;
  • lycra bib shorts;
  • a sleeveless vest;
  • and various long sleeve jackets.

You purchase the items directly from Ultimo via their online shop, who courier direct to you within a couple of weeks – therefore, there is no minimum order requirements, BUT the online shop will only be open for about a week each time we request it to be made available – which could be at random times thru the year, that we advertise via these club emails and on our facebook page.

The online shop is currently OPEN for purchases until midnight on Sunday 17th June, 2018

CLICK HERE TO VIEW & PURCHASE – http://shop.ultimoclothing.co.nz/categories/hbmtb

“Once-ler” Trail

Once-ler” is now all completed and open for riding, within the Mill Block @ Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park.

This 1.3km, grade 2 (Easy) family friendly trail is in 2 parts, with the top 900m section one-way only, starting on the north side of Valley Rd (opposite the exit of Mint), down to the crossing of Grand Traverse and Fat Mans Doom trails.
The 2nd stage at 400m long, is 2-way that runs between Grand Traverse and the exit of Olivers Twist.

Once-ler riders will need to give-way to riders exiting Grand Traverse.

New Te Mata Peak Track Network

Land Access Donated for Track Network

The Lowe and Hutton families have provided access to their farmland for a shared mountain biking and walking track network to pass thru, connecting Waimarama Rd to Te Mata Peak along the ridge, as part of the $450,000 Havelock North Village 24km loop circuit.

Read this article for more info (click on it to enlarge)




Pan Pac Forests Products Ltd have notified stakeholders that the “Tait Block” will now be CLOSED from Monday 16th May, 2016 onwards, (not from June 7th as previously announced) for new roading and harvesting operations.

This closure also effects Pylon Road within the “Replanted Block” – as the road will be used by logging trucks ! Therefore a couple tracks that exit onto this road will be closed.

The rest of Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park remains open to club members and visitor permit holders for mountain biking and running.

Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club