Replanted Block is CLOSED


Our Park Manager has been thru the Mill + Replanted Blocks today to check everything out after last weeks heavy rain.

What he has found, is going to require quite a few working bees to clear lots of little slips (mostly on Grand Traverse and Minefield) and rebuild about 60m of Cannonball Lector across a very large hillside slip (once the dirt dries out), along with installing a bridge (that we’ll retrieve from Hi-Roller) across a blown-out culvert just below the exit of Cannonball Lector.

It looks like Kipper Rd (bottom of Northface/Stingray) was about 1m under water, but the trail signage is unaffected, with that area all good, just all flattened with silt everywhere.

Therefore, from his discovery, there is now signage up at the top of Skyline & Blowhole, informing that the REPLANTED BLOCK is CLOSED.
There is also signage across GRAND TRAVERSE to show it is CLOSED.

The Remainder of the Mill Block is sweet.

We may look at holding a working bee next weekend to start the clean up of Grand Traverse – as we would like have everything re-opened in time for Easter weekend, if possible.

If you come across any other trail blockages (slips, wash-outs, trees down, etc), please contact our clubs Park Manager – Ross Mepham, 022 544 0069 or

“Once-ler” Trail

Once-ler” is now all completed and open for riding, within the Mill Block @ Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park.

This 1.3km, grade 2 (Easy) family friendly trail is in 2 parts, with the top 900m section one-way only, starting on the north side of Valley Rd (opposite the exit of Mint), down to the crossing of Grand Traverse and Fat Mans Doom trails.
The 2nd stage at 400m long, is 2-way that runs between Grand Traverse and the exit of Olivers Twist.

Once-ler riders will need to give-way to riders exiting Grand Traverse.

Mill Block Working Bee – POSTPONED

The Mill Block trail clearing working bee, planned for tomorrow, Sunday 28 May, has been POSTPONED due to the wet weather forcast to hit us.

This working bee will now be rescheduled for Queens Birthday weekend next
Monday 5th June, 8am – midday.

Working Bee’s to meet up at the Pakuratahi Valley DH carpark, then carpool into the Mill Block via the locked gate on Tinker Rd.

Any enquiries to Kevin McCarthy at 021 435 906 or

Mill Block CLOSED

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Wed 18 April, 2017)
The “Mill Block” @ Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park is now completely CLOSED to all users – effective immediately.

Due to the extensive wind damage, Pan Pac will clear fell the worst of it, including milling the Ken Ross Reserve block & will replant those areas.
Its unknown how long this will take, but initial estimates could be about 3 months or so.

Therefore, all riders + runners to only access the Waipunga & Replanted Blocks of Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park, via the Waipunga Rd carparks, or Pakuratahi Valley (NB: We havn’t been thru the Pakuratahi Valley block yet to assess its damage).

Mill Block Production Thinning

The “Mill Block” at Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park¬†beyond and including Tinker Road, is now CLOSED for production and waste thinning, until further notice (for a couple months or so).

A total of 14km of MTB trails will be effected with this logging operation, which the HBMTBC will hold club working bees to clear and re-open, once Pan Pac give the all clear.

Refer to this map for effected area

The following trails within the front half of the Mill Block will remain open:
Gateway, Whippy, Tumeke, Sleepy Hollow, Smooth Operator, Crispy Chips, Snoopy, Dragonfly, Centipede, Tigger and Boarsnest.
* If anyone ignores this closure and goes into the closed areas during this time, then the entire Mill Block will be closed until they are completed !!!

To access the “Replanted Block” (Cannonbal, Minefield, Sweeper, etc) will only be via the “Waipunga Block“.

Access to the Waipunga Block is via our old original carpark on Waipunga Rd, just after the bridge – please keep all gateways clear at all times.

Permit required for access. Either join the HBMTB club, or purchase a MTB Visitor Permit.