NZDH Series 2018
Round # 3 @ Gravitahi DH Track, Pakuratahi Block – Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park
8am – Saturday 3rd November, 2018

Annual downhill series returns to Hawkes Bay.

Doug Wisor Enduro
10am – Sunday 4th November, 2018

6 Enduro stages totalling 16.1km, thru the Mill + Replanted Blocks of Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park, with shuttle uplifts between some of the stages, all run in a set order.
A ‘Fun mini Event’ category is available for the not so adventurous thru the 3 “easier” stages of 1, 4 + 6 (total 7.1km).

* A course map will be released here, 3 weeks prior to the event.

What is Enduro?
Cruise-up, Race-down. Welcome to the most fun you’ll ever have mountain-biking! The sport of Enduro encapsulates everything people love about the sport of mountain-biking – the adventure, challenge, adrenaline fix, combined with fun social riding: and at the same time teases out the little bit of competitiveness and thrill-seeker we all have inside of us.

Electronic timing, just like what the pro’s use in the Enduro World Series, will be used.
Prize-money will be up for grabs for the winners of each Enduro category ($50 each), plus a bonus $50 for the overall winner.
The overall local resident winner will win the coverted memorial trophy.

  • $45 online entry fee; $60 OTD entry (cash only) for Enduro riders
  • $25 online entry fee; $40 OTD entry (cash only) for Fun Event riders
  • Online Entry will be available here soon.

* Enduro Masters Men (40+); Enduro Masters Women (40+); Enduro Men; Enduro Women; Enduro U19 Men; Enduro U19 Women
* Fun Event Men; Fun Event Women; Fun Event U19 Men; Fun Event U19 Women

Run by the Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club, with event proceeds going back into our trail network.

Click on the Event Results page for all club hosted events held over the last couple years.


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