Last Sunday’s of the Month  :  10am – 2pm  
[Next Shuttle Day = Sunday 1st April, 2018 (Easter)]

Normally held on the last Sunday’s of the month. Requires a minimum of 10 riders registered by 10pm on the Thursday before plus at least 4 drivers, for the shuttle day to go ahead. This is all thanks to club member Steve Eustace, who will be organising these monthly shuttle days.

Minimum of 2 x 12-seater rental vans with purpose-built club bike trailers, 1 doing the Mint/Tinker run (approx 10 minute turn-around), the other on the Olivers Twist/Grand Traverse circuit (approx 15-20 minute turn-around), possibly alternating with some Stingray runs, depending on demand.


  • $20 p/person (or, max $50 per family)
  • unlimited amount of shuttles between 10am-2pm
  • Registration is required. (This will also determine number of shuttle vans required)
  • Registration cut-off is 10pm of the Thursday prior.
  • OTD entry will be available ONLY if there are any available seats (so don’t rely on it), with a $40 entry fee p/person (cash only).
  • (all registered riders must be current orange tag club members, or have a valid visitor permit).

Please pay via online banking into the HBMTBC westpac account # 03-0658-0212392-00 – insert “Shuttle Day” in the details.
Please ALSO register via email to: with name(s) attending and ID tag# /notification you’ve joined, or a visitor.

Any surplus funds raised, after running costs, will go towards new trail development at Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park.

Click on the Event Results page for all club hosted events held over the last couple years.


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