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July 2020 – June 2021

NB: Visitor Permits are FREE for 12yrs and under, ONLY providing they are accompanied by an adult who has current permit.

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NOTE: The Yellow ID tag (July 2019 – June 2020) membership EXPIRES on 30th June, 2020. This applies to everyone, regardless of when members joined over the last 12 months.  REJOIN Now.


Planting is currently underway across the hillside within the Ken Ross Reserve – please keep your distance away from the planters and their machinery during this time over the next few weeks.

  • Mill Block = OPEN (Reminder that Tinker Road is permanently out-of-bounds)
  • Replanted Block = OPEN (some restrictions apply – READ HERE)
  • Tait Block = CLOSED (logging)
  • Waipunga Block = CLOSED (logging)

Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club Incorporated (HBMTBC), was founded in 1991; gained full time access into the privately owned Pan Pac Tangoio Forest in 1995; and became an incorporated society in 1998. The HBMTBC is affiliated to Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ) and is one of New Zealand’s largest cycling clubs with annual membership of approx 2200.

The club’s ‘home’ is the internationally famous Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park, currently with approx 44km of trails spread over approx 530ha (Mill + Replanted blocks only) of private forestry, located just 10 minutes drive north of Napier.

Map showing Tinker Road crossing in the Mill Block.

HBMTBC Mission:
To promote, facilitate, encourage and develop Mountain Biking in the Hawke’s Bay region.

HBMTBC Vision:
To provide and maintain the current off road facilities within the Hawke’s Bay region and to develop new facilities if or when the opportunity arises; for the purpose of mountain biking for financial club members and visitors. To fulfil the purpose of the sport for social enjoyment, exercise and/or competition; for members to participate in social outings, park maintenance and events at a club level through to National Level.

HBMTBC Cycle Clothing – via Ultimo
The shop is currently OPEN for online orders, until end of June.
CLICK HERE to view & order

RideNZ.co interview with Brook Macdonald about Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park – Riding SWEEPER.

Promo video of the new MINT trail @ Eskdale

Promo video of MINT trail. Built in 2014 – Mill Block @ Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park

Promo video of GRAND TRAVERSE in the Mill Block - Built in 2014

Promo video of GRAND TRAVERSE. Built in 2014 – Mill Block @ Pan Pac Mountain Bike Park

For at least 80% of the year, the clay/dirt based trails in Hawkes Bay are sprinkled with pine needles and are hard, dry and ride very fast, creating an awesome riding experience on the open and flowing style single-track.

Refer to the PARKS page for more detailed information on all our off-road cycling areas in the Hawkes Bay region.

The HBMTBC is very grateful to the generosity of Pan Pac Forests Ltd for allowing the club access onto their land. Due to being a privately owned, commercial ‘working’ forest, a permit is required for access.
This is obtained, by either joining the HBMTBC, or by purchasing a MTB ‘Visitors Permit’ (valid for 3 weeks) from any of the main cycling shops, Info Centres, Bayview 4 Square or online – See the full list of retail outlets on the MEMBERSHIP page.

Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park is listed on the World Bike Parks website – direct link HERE

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